Jones Alexandría Germanni
This website is formerly known as Umbrella Eyes by Jones Alexandría Germanni.
Jones Alexandría Germanni is a multi-talented freelance web designer, web developer, and fashion-editorial-style photographer based in Sacramento, California.
He hails from a beautiful island in the Pacific.  At a very young age, the manifestation of the surrounding beauty and life in his native island has served as pivotal inspirations that continue to drive his artistic vision today. His discovery of photography became his prime medium for capturing and preserving the beauty and his way to convey this marvellous world to others from his own perspective.
His move to the U.S. gave him the resources to achieve his initial objectives; to obtain and use digital media in capturing harmonious moments and their telling subjects in time. Currently, he uses Digital Single-Lens Reflex cameras or DSLRs in addition to various light sources and photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.
His extraordinary ability to augment a typical photo composition into a much more dramatic illustration differentiates him from other artists.  He calls his illustrations “the drama”.  You can often hear him say, “That’s the drama I’m going for.”  His recent works were focused on capturing individuals whose desires are to portray existing or different versions of themselves.
Contact Jones if you are interested in his work and would like to take advantage of his skills and talents.
+1-916-538-2697 – cell
+1-415-517-3187 – iMessage